Creating Video Categories

Video categories allow you viewers to easily find content. By dividing your content into categories (and subcategories) you can direct viewers to find content that they might otherwise miss.


Adding a Category

  1. First login to your VidPlat portal.
  2. Go to Videos > Video Categories.
  3. Give your category a Name. The slug is optional, and will only affect the url on the Web front end.
  4. If this is your first category or a top level category, the parent should be None. If this is a subcategory, you can select which category you want it to be under.
  5. The category description is used as a subtitle.
  6. Click [Add New Video Category]

You have just created a new video category and you may now assign videos to it.


Adding Category Images

  1. Click on the category title to edit it.
  2. To add or change a category image, click [Upload/Add Image].
  3. You will be presented with the image uploader. Select an existing image from the Media Library, or drag your image file to the gallery.
    Alternatively, you can click the tab at the top to Upload Files. Click [Select Files] and browse to your image location.
    Your uploaded image will appear in the Media Library.
  4. Once your image has been selected, click [Select] at bottom right.
  5. Repeat for the title image. (This step is optional.)
  6. Click [Update] to save the changes you the video category.

If you need to remove an image from a category and do not want to replace it, click [Remove Image]. This will remove it from the category, but not delete it from the Media Library.

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