How do I use these support docs?

Our documentation provides step by step guides to allow you to easily add content to your app. These instructions cover basic use and will apply to almost every situation.

There are a couple things to note. We will use special characters to refer to different actionable items.

  • [Buttons]
     When you need to click a button to continue, we will set it in brackets.
  • 'Links'
     When there isn't a button, instead just a clickable word link, we use single quotes.
  • Menu > Submenu
     You may need to navigate through menus to find an item. First look for the menu item, and click or hover over it. You should then see the next menu item separated by an angle bracket.

If you find that the basic instructions are unable to answer a specific need, please open a support ticket. If you have a question, someone else might want to know the same thing. Once the issue is resolved, we may create a new article to help others.

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