Add Videos to Your App

Begin by logging into your VidPlat Portal.

Look for Videos in the left column. Hover or click to see Add New.
Admin>Videos>Add New

  1. Enter a title for you video. Titles longer than 20 characters could be truncated.
  2. Text in the body area will appear below your video. Leave blank in most cases.
    • If you do include text here, be sure to add an excerpt.
  3. Copy and paste the embed code from your video service into the Embed Code textbox.
    • Check the Featured box to show your video on the first tab of the app and homepage of your VidPlat website. 
    • If no featured image is set, this will be unchecked automatically.
  4. If you are uploading a video or PDF, skip step 3 and click on [Upload/Add File].
  5. The excerpt allows you to subtitle your video.
  6. Select a Category. 
    • You may select multiple categories.
  7. Add a Featured image.
    1. Click 'Set featured image' (right column).
    2. Select an existing image from the media gallery or upload a new one.
      The featured image should be 2048x1152.
    3. Enter an image title and alt text (optional).
    4. Click [Set featured image] (bottom right).
  8. Click [Publish].
    • If you want to publish on a future date or time, click the 'edit' link next to 'Publish immediately.' Set the time, then click [Publish].
  9. Finally, verify that your video appears properly on the app and on your website. 


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